Elafonisi, a tiny island located 200 meters away from the coast and surrounded by a shallow lagoon, has been described as an exotic landscape and a blue paradise by lots of visitors.

This site of extraordinary natural beauty is located in western Crete, 75 km southwest of Chania. What is remarkable about Elafonisi is the shallow turquoise waters and its fine white sand, which gets rosy in some parts due to the shattered shells that have turned into dust. The shortest way to Elafonisi by car is to follow the roadsigns to Kissamos, and then to Topolia Gorge, before finding your way to Elafonisi. In case of strong wind, you had better not visit Elafonisi, because the wind lifts the sand into the air, which makes for an unpleasant experience. Moreover, visitors should note that they are neither allowed to collect any rosy sand and take it with them, nor to camp on the beach.

Kedrodasos, located 3 km east of Elafonisi, is a coastal cedar forest of rare beauty, which extends approximately 110 acres from the beach. It is a bumpy dirt road that leads to Kedrodasos, but the breathtaking beauty of the natural surroundings makes up for it. The area is really quiet and the beach is clean, with white sand, rocks and cold water. This is an ideal place to camp and one of nudists' favorite beaches.