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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose the checkincreta company?

The checkincreta company has the legal license from the Greek National Tourism Organization. The company has three agencies in Rethymno with its own vehicles and consciously takes care of their excellent condition. The company and the staff are responsible for the best service of the client and their security, by emphasizing the professionalism while at the same time they are friendly to visitors. So, our philosophy is the authentic Cretan hospitality, because it’s an honor for us having you here and we would be glad to help you feel like a Cretan!!

Can I cancel my reservation?

Of course you can cancel your reservation for free. But it’s important to let us know via email for the proper functioning of our company.

Can I pay once I arrive at my destination?

Of course you can give the money to the driver in cash or using a bankcard after keeping us up to date for the mode of payment you wish. The driver will give you the legal ticket of payment.

If there is any delay on my flight, are there extra charges?

Don’t worry; even if your flight is late there are no extra charges. The driver will be waiting for you holding a template with your name, at the arrival gate, no matter when you arrive. You pay only the predetermined fare for your transport.

Is my luggage secured during the transport?

Our company has taken care for a full and best insurance, not only for its passengers but also for their luggage during their transport.

In case I need to stop during my transport, can I ask the driver?

You can ask the driver to do so and he will stop for a few minutes in a safe place.

Are the prices negotiable?

Our prices are the best in the market and to such extents that we don’t deprive our services of quality and security, the legal taxes are included and there are no hidden extra charges. However, you can benefit from choosing an itinerary with return, if you participate in one of our scheduled and organized excursions, in a group of more than 5 people and in private tours. Don’t forget to ask us!! Watch out the companies which advertise much lower than the real prices or they promise you lower than the legal charges!!

Are the vehicles in good condition?

Our company’s vehicles are modern and in excellent condition; our drivers are perfect professionals and certified to practice that job.

Can I ask for a private transport wherever I want?

If you are a big family or a group of people and you want private transport, we can help you with pleasure at the best prices of the market… JUST ASK US