Check in your transfer

Transportation and excursions throughout Crete

Thanks to our company we can accomplish any transportation you wish by ensuring the quality and the safety of your transportation, not only for you but also for your luggage.

  • For your transportation up to 4 people we have taxi MERCEDES of high technology which will make you feel comfortable and safe during any of your transportation.
  • For your transport up to 20 people we have luxurious mini buses (18 and 21 seats) Mercedes Benz Sprinter to enjoy your itinerary with high quality and security. For our organized excursions we use a 39 seats bus Temsa MD-9.

You can easily complete the reservation form; then you receive a confirmation email and you will pay (in cash or credit card) the driver once you arrive at the destination of your choice. In case of your flight is late or there is a delay about your arrival, don’t worry because there is no extra charges than the predetermined fare and we will be there to pick you up.

For any information or question please contact us via email, viber, or phone call.

We take on:

  • The single journey or with return from/to the airport, the ports and hotels.
  • Everyday day trips with professional foreign language usher.
  • Personal, suggested excursion or excursion of your personal choice (after communication).
  • Transportation with VIP services (after communication).
  • Organized transfer for participation/visit to conferences, athletic teams or clubs transfer, and all type of social events (wedding, baptism, anniversary etc)
  • Gastronomic tour, cinematic/ photographic excursion guided by local professional cinematographer, excursion with emphasis to tradition, customs of our place and civilization.
  • Participation to traditional activities like olive picking, raki production, pottery workshop, participation to traditional fairs and feasts (after communication).


  • 24 hours service.
  • Free reservation and payment once you arrive by card (debit card or credit card) or in cash.
  • Complete insurance of the passengers and luggage
  • Modern vehicles Mercedes air conditioning and non-transparent glasses for your protection against the sun.
  • Customer welcome to the port/airport with a plate in which there is your name written.
  • Free time of waiting (in case of delay of your flight) and luggage transportation service.
  • Infant of baby backseat for free (after communication).
  • Foreign language speakers, modest and professional drivers and ushers.
  • Special discount (after communication).
  • Stable prices with no extra hidden charges.