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Checkincreta excursion No 4
Cinematic - Photographic trip
Checkincreta excursion No 3
Variant landscapes … The wild beauty of Crete
Checkincreta excursion No 2
The dazzle of waters and rocks
Checkincreta excursion No 1
Nature – Culture – History
Checkin... Kourtaliotis gorge
If your destination is the beaches in south Rethymno then by all means you have to cross through the mighty Kourtaliotis gorge. Make a stop but don’t forget to descend the waterfall and the river and believe us, you will feel great ...
Checkin... Sheep shearing
Sheep shearing, or the “feast of the sheep” is celebrated in Crete and it is closely related to the stock-breeding lifestyle.
Checkin... an amazing place
That's it, checkincreta team will introduce you to the charms of Crete throughout the year, and you will enjoy its beauty, wherever you are. We record, you enjoy!!